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Home Comfort & Air Conditioning: A Canadian Paradox

Canada is a wonderful country to live in; there is no question about that. Our great country has natural beauty abound, from the breath-taking Atlantic coasts to the awe-inspiring Western Rockies; we have much to be thankful for.

With all that natural beauty and our globally recognized polite behavior, it is hard to complain but…

How about that Canadian Weather!?

We go from frostbite to sunburn in no time! We melt, we dry, we storm, we freeze, we sweat and… Oh! that humidity! In April we pack our mittens and our sunscreen, because, who knows what the weather will be!

This is why home comfort can be a tricky business up here in the great white north. As Canadians, we are strong and free, but we are also hot and humid all summer and cold and snowy all winter. Where is the relief?

Choosing an Air Conditioning System –That fits the needs of the average Canadian household?

Choosing a correct system for your home can be tricky. There is a lot to think about and an investment to be made. For the sake of the current weather, let’s discuss what to consider when choosing the right Air Conditioner for your home.

Invest in Quality Installation From Start to Finish: It is too simple to advise that you choose W.O Stinson & Son LTD. for the sake of growing our customer base, the best, and most honest advice we can give you is: do your research! MANY companies choose to reduce their in-house costs by using contractors for the service and installation of their equipment. This Means, the company you buy from has no control or authority over the future service of your home comfort unit.

W.O. Stinson does not use contractors. Every individual who represents the company is an employee. Every vehicle and piece of equipment is owned by W.O. Stinson and dispatched from our various offices. The degree of control over day-to-day operations provides a level of service that other companies that rely heavily on contractors just cannot match. This thorough approach to business provides our customers with the peace of mind of knowing that what they need will be there for them, when they need it most.

Have an in-home Consultation: Because purchasing an air conditioning system for your home is a big investment, some consumers look for ways to save money by choosing a unit and purchasing it online. There are many things to consider before choosing the correct unit for your home, including: windows, type of insulation, outer building materials, square footage, number of people living in the home etc. Please consider having an in-home consultation with a professional before choosing an A/C for your home. Choosing the wrong system or the wrong size can be costly in the future, and may end up costing you more than you could have saved in terms of utility bills and maintenance costs.

Look for Efficiency: Cooling efficiency, rated in “SEER”, is one of the most important things to look at when comparing one cooling system to another. SEER, the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is a measurement of how efficiently your air conditioner runs over the course of the cooling season. If you choose a high SEER system, you can potentially save money on your utility bills each month. A better SEER means a better performance.

Warranties and Service Plans: W.O Stinson & Son employs all of its own technicians and offers competitive service plans and options after the purchase of your cooling system. Make sure you are covering all your bases and thinking on the life of your system, much as you would do when purchasing a car.