Full-Serve Stations: Added Service Without Added Cost


Once upon a time there was an age where service standards over-ruled profit margins, where first-name basis was the norm, and a friendly smile along with good service could make your day feel as easy as Sunday morning.

Full-serve fuel stations are less and less common these days. It’s a self-service world; it seems… with all the drive-thru restaurants, ATM machines, online shopping and self-check-outs.

Believe it or not, there are still full-serve fuel stations scattered across Ontario. That’s right! You can fill your tank without leaving the driver’s seat or getting your hands dirty!

W.O Stinson & son Ltd. commits to the core values we were founded on in 1937.We have taken the cutting-edge technology and products of today, and vowed to deliver them to our customers with the old-fashioned service and charm of yesterday. Our Full-Serve fuel stations are unique from our competitors and we are very proud to be delivering service in a hands-on fashion.

W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. is committed to delivering dependable, personable and positive service experiences with every visit. Our 2 full-serve stations, located in Ottawa and Kempville are a true testament to that.

We have committed staff members washing windows, filling tanks, checking oil & tire pressure, all for the same price as a self-serve station. Speed & consistency is our goal, and through team-work, strong work ethic and a commitment to our core customer service standard, we are able to send you back on the road quickly and efficiently.

Full-serve fuel doesn’t have to be a luxury of the past, and at W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. it doesn’t cost a penny more than a self-service station!

 Whether it’s cold and snowy or hot and humid, we are here to deliver the best possible service. Call us a little old fashioned, but we are proud to be offering truly vintage service, with the benefits of cutting-edge technology and products. We employ local community members and train them to deliver excellence. Our full-serve station attendants embody our service commitments and high-standards on the very front lines of our business.

For some of our customers, full-service is their preference, for others in our community it is the best option available. We are proud to offer full-service to members of the community who are elderly or face mobility challenges. We go above and beyond to offer a helping hand and a friendly smile.

So the next time you are bagging your own groceries, bussing your own tray or pumping your own fuel, remember: customer service shouldn’t have to cost you extra money or extra time.

…and at W.O Stinson & Son Ltd., we don’t put a price on old fashioned, quality service.


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