Furnace Fitness: Is it Time to Replace My Furnace?

A home heating unit is an investment, much like a vehicle. Every person who has invested in a new furnace has asked themselves: “Time to repair or time to replace?”

This is not a simple question and there are many factors to consider. A comfortable and reliable home needs a properly installed and well-maintained heating unit. It is critical to ask these questions early, and assess the needs of your furnace, before crisis occurs, and your unit becomes non-operational.

All responsible home owners need to be well-informed before making major investments for their families, this article will give you some of the answers you may be looking for if you are considering repairing or replacing your furnace.

How Many Trips Around The Sun?

How old is your furnace? When was your furnace last inspected or certified? The average furnace lasts between 16-20 years. If your furnace is inching towards this age, or older, it may be time to start shopping. Planning for the purchase of a furnace is a much easier task than being stuck without heat in the middle of the cold months. It is important to plan ahead and not leave yourself susceptible to an unfavorable circumstance. The replacement of a furnace in an emergency does not allow for the time or resources necessary for making the best possible decision.

Increasing Monthly Cost?

Rising fuel prices are not the only reason your monthly bill may have increased. The older your furnace gets, the less efficient it becomes. If you haven’t changed your behaviors at home, and your bill seems to be increasing, it’s time to investigate why. Call your fuel provider and ensure there is a clear explanation for the increases you are experiencing. A home comfort expert will be able to tell you what an average monthly bill is, and what could be causing fluctuations. The money that is being wasted on an inefficient system may be more than you think and the gradual loss of efficiency may have gone unnoticed on your monthly invoice.

Does the Thermostat Keep you Comfy?

Are you finding your home to be drafty? Do you find that your home heating is inconsistent and differs from area to area? This may indicate that your home heating system has lost the ability to maintain consistent heat, and distribute it evenly throughout the home. Ensure that the batteries in your thermostat are fresh and that your home has been properly winterized. If these simple trouble-shooting steps have been taken, it may be time to do some serious thinking about the ability of your home heating unit.

The (not so) Common Cold.

Older furnaces are often no longer able to efficiently clean the air in your home. Do you or anyone else in the home suffer from allergies?  or even dry eyes? This can be an indicator that your furnace is no longer able to provide proper moisture to the air. Other indicators may be the quick accumulation of dust, frequent static shocks or hearing excessive cracking of furniture or stairs.

Repeating Repairs

Like anything else, one or two repairs on the same piece of equipment can leave you scratching your head. With home comfort products it does not take too long for those parts and services to add up. Furnaces incur the most breakdowns in the last year of their lives, it’s important to recognize an overall issue, before having to replace a furnace after putting 5 or 6 brand new parts on it.

Listen Up!

Is your furnace making any noises that it wasn’t making in the past? Is there any squealing or grinding sounds when it first comes on? Any sound that seems unusual is a warning sign. To judge the efficiency of your furnace, listen carefully, is your furnace blower running excessively? Does it turn on or off frequently or blow cold air periodically? These are all warning signs that your furnace is losing its ability to provide reliable home comfort.

If you have concerns about replacing or repairing your furnace call W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. Our team of dedicated home comfort specialists can help you make an informed decision, and if necessary, choose the unit that is right for you. We take pride in keeping you and your family comfortable all year round!