At W.O Stinson & Son LTD. We have a lot to be proud of. We are proudly Canadian, proudly local & proudly growing with the community. We are also proud of our core values, the values that keep us strong, thriving and firmly rooted in the principals on which we were founded.

The clearest demonstration of our core values is our commitment to keeping our company whole. We at W.O Stinson & Son LTD don’t believe in leaving our customers in the hands of anyone else, no one can treat you as well as we do– this is why we don’t use contractors. We refuse to put intermediaries between our customers and ourselves. We want each of your interactions with W.O Stinson & Son to be a personal encounter with a member of our direct team.

It is important to us to be as directly involved with all aspects of the business as possible. Not using contractors allows us to keep our costs low and ensure our customers aren’t paying more than necessary for our services.

In 1937, W.O Stinson & Son started with a small fleet, working directly for the owner, and since then, not much has changed. From 5am-5pm Dave and Eric Stinson, the third generation of Stinson owners, are on-site in our Ottawa office. Dave and Eric interact directly with customers, service men, drivers, anyone who is involved in the entirety of the operation.

At W.O Stinson & Son you will never be transferred to a call center, when you call us, you speak directly with a representative in one of our 5 Offices, or with our emergency after-hours service, who will connect you directly to a technician on-call. At W.O Stinson & Son ltd. you will never speak with an automated machine, we believe that each circumstance is unique and must be handled individually by a home heating professional.

Keeping true to our core values from 1937, puts our customer service far above our competition today. From the owners to the installers, from the team members responsible for managing finances to the team members responsible for washing windows and filling gas tanks, we are one team. One team means one vision, one commitment, one statement, one service philosophy and one reason to choose W.O Stinson & Son LTD. for your home comfort needs.