YOUR Propane Refills have never been easier!

W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. are propane refill experts. We don’t only specialize in propane with regards to home heating, we offer a multitude of propane services. Our propane services include: propane refills, tank re-valving, tank re-qualification, responsible disposal of expired tanks and sale of new tanks.

Our state of the art propane re-fill center located at 4726 Bank street is the only one of its kind in the area! We are very proud to offer propane refills by the litre at competitive prices. Our propane experts are happy to serve you, ensure your tank is in safe condition and is being refilled and transported responsibly.


We also fill mounted RV tanks! Pull up to the pump, fill & you are on your way!

STOP Paying Too Much at Swap Programs

The benefit to propane refills vs. propane tank swaps is simple: YOU ARE ONLY PAYING FOR WHAT YOU ARE GETTING. Propane tank swap programs charge a flat rate for each tank, so it doesn’t matter if you are swapping a tank that still has propane left in it. Don’t risk running out of propane while you have steaks on the grill! When you are running low, bring your tank to our propane refills center and have us top it up. You will only pay for the litres we pump.


Dollars & SENSE!

Not only do propane refills offer peace of mind that you wont run out when you need it most, it is also cheaper overall. Dollars to dollars our propane refills are as cost-efficient as the local “big box” stores. The average tank refill for an EMPTY BBQ tank in $13.00! Use your saving to treat yourself to something special on the BBQ or a great bottle of wine for your guests.


We Make Propane EASY!

Bring us your tank, and we take care of the rest. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to answer all of your questions, ensure your tank has the proper safety features, and labels and that it is being transported safely. Our propane refills take the worry and the guess work out of propane so you can get back to the grill!


Take the guess-work out of propane and get back to the GRILL!