Make sure that you and your family are comfortable and safe this winter. This season means that temperatures are much colder and there is a higher demand for energy. To help you, your family, or your business save money this winter here are some steps to take:

Before Winter

Fill your tank early

  • Prices usually increase when the weather gets colder because of the demand
  • Filling your tank early will reduce your energy costs

Make sure you have enough

  • Ask W.O. Stinson about our various payment plans and scheduling regular visits
  • It will help you avoid running empty if weather conditions delay deliveries

Consider buying a propane generator

  • Can keep your power running without interruptions

Confirm your heating system and appliances are running efficiently

  • Have a technician inspect and service your propane system
  • When they’re running efficiently, you conserve fuel and save money!

Reduce drafts

  • Installing weather-stripping and caulking will stop heat from escaping

During Winter

Make sure that your driveway and access to your tanks are cleared

Turn down the thermostat

  • Either manually or program your thermostat
  • Reduce the temperature a few degrees when you’re sleeping or away

Reduce hot water consumption

  • Lower the temperatures on your hot water heater
  • Use cold water for laundry

Keep curtains and blinds open to receive sunlight during the day, and close them at night

  • Uses the heat conducted by the sun to warm the house
  • The curtains or blinds help to insulate and keep the heat in the house


Detectors Save Lives

Have a CSA approved propane gas detector and carbon monoxide detectors installed for added security. You should always follow the manufacturers instructions for installation, location and maintenance.

Our Industry Commitment

Keeping you warm and safe is our top priority this winter. W.O. Stinson and Son will continue to make every effort to provide the highest quality products and service to our valued customers. We encourage you to contact us to put your winter plan into action and by working together we can get through the long Canadian winter.

Think Local! Think W.O Stinson & Son Ltd.

Keeping your family warm, is our families legacy!

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It wont be long until winter is in full force, are you and your home ready?

It wont be long until winter is in full force, are you and your home ready?