Hot Water Tanks

Hot Water TanksOil-Fired Hot Water Heaters are:

  • Up to 50% cheaper than electric water heaters to operate
  • Delivering more than 100 Gallons of hot water per hour
  • Three times Faster than natural gas water heaters
  • Great for family needs

Propane Water heaters
We offer GSW Propane hot water tanks. GSW Water Heating is Canada’s leading designer and manufacturer of residential and commercial water heaters. GSW Tanks offer the following high quality features:

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        • Patented TankSaverâ„¢ Design
        • 6 Year Limited Factory Warranty
        • Removable Anodes
        • Energy Efficient
        • Factory Installed Nipples
        • Galvanized Bottom Pan
        • Foam insulation R8.0 – CFC free
        • Self cleaning tank design
        • Cast iron burners on LP models
        • Power vent models with standard electronic ignition
        • Energy efficient pilot light

        Monthly Rental (Please contact your local office for pricing)
        Take advantage of our rental water heaters. We can install one for you within a few days of ordering.

        Included in your rental are: your annual conditioning, including cleaning and inspection of the water heater to ensure safe, proper performance and service calls if parts on your water heater fail.