Propane Fireplaces

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W.O. Stinson has a diverse variety of propane fireplaces to heat and beautify your home. From traditional insert styles to modern and contemporary units, Stinson has something for all tastes and design interest.
Types of Propane Fireplaces

  • Direct Vent Fireplaces Inserts (Exhaust vents directly out external wall)
  • Natural Vent Fireplaces Inserts (Exhaust vents naturally up through a flu pipe)
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        Maximum Efficiency Our sealed combustion technology in our Direct Vent models use outside air for combustion eliminating heat loss and cold drafts associated with conventional fireplaces. All Continental models are designed to maximum efficiency levels with special heat retaining components.

        Reliable Burner System The advanced YELLOW DANCING FLAME burners provides maximum heat and flame pattern. For less heat, simply reduce the input with the built in adjustment. No electricity is required to light or operate and the millivolt system ensures reliable operation even during power failures.