Is A Humidifier Important?

How does humidity AFFECT my house?
Image of a humidifierVirtually everything in your home made from wood contains some moisture. As dry air sucks that moisture out, the wood shrinks and cracks. Hardwood floors separate at the seams, furniture shrinks and cracks, and doors warp and no longer fit their frames as the moisture is drawn off.

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      A humidifier can actually help you save energy! Warm, humid summer air feels hotter than it actually is because of the moisture it contains. That same principle applies to our home in the winter. By keeping the relative humidity inside your home at an ideal level, you can turn your thermostat down a few degrees and still feel comfortable. Dialing down your thermostat just three degrees can reduce your heating bill by as much as 5%.

      What’s the RIGHT Humidifier for me?

      GENERALAire makes humidifiers in several different styles and capacities to fit most any central warm air heating system. W.O. Stinson can help you choose the right equipment for your home’s needs to assure a healthy, comfortable environment for you and your family.