Electronic Home Thermostats

Accuracy and control
Thermostats imageIf you’re in the process of upgrading your heating or cooling system, don’t forget the “brain” for your new system – your thermostat. Our new thermostat series can maintain a set temperature to within one degree. These also feature the added component of a larger, permanent memory that improves performance and saves all programs during a power loss.

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      Comfort and convenience
      Our programmable thermostats deliver perfect comfort. They automatically adjust the temperature of your home during those times you’ve selected for wake-up, daytime hours, evening hours and while you sleep. The new 60% larger lighted display also makes it clearer low light viewing.
      Maximum energy savings
      Programmable thermostats cut energy use when heating or cooling your home is not needed. You can save as much as 33% in energy costs, depending on your home’s location, climate and program selections.