Ultraviolet Germicidal Light System

ultraviolet light imageUltraviolet (UV) lights use intense rays to control and kill contaminants like viruses, bacteria, yeast and mold. When installed properly inside your heating & cooling duct system, these lights will help to improve the overall air quality of your entire home. Using a Frigidaire Ultraviolet Light System in your home will cleanse the air by destroying the harmful micro organisms that can thrive in your home’s furnace & air conditioning system.

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Whole-Home Purification: Frigidaire light system uses the powerful rays from the Ultraviolet band wave to control and kill live airborne micro organisms.

Low Maintenance: The bulbs need to be replaced just once every year.

Effective: Frigidaire’s unique reflective technology greatly increases the light’s efficiency by increasing the UV action by up to 90 percent.