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Welcome to the W. O. Stinson blog. At W.O. Stinson, we pride ourselves on products, services and customer experience. Owned an operated by the Stinson family, we’ve always been committed to customer service and paying special attention to detail. Whether we’re delivering oil or propane, helping you choose the right home comfort products or installing and servicing your heating and cooling equipment, we’re commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality of customer service and care. As an extension of our customer service, we’ve created the W.O. Stinson blog as a social place were we can provide great home comfort tips and advice to help you get the most from our family of home comfort experts. You’ll find news, events and lots of fun and entertaining things too. Please check out our posts and come back often to see our updates!

indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality : Why is it Important?

Why is indoor air quality so important? The quality of the air within and around any buildings and structures is directly linked to the health and comfort of the occupants. It’s proven that indoor air contaminants (IAC) can lead to some serious health risks, especially for those among the more vulnerable demographics, such as, children,…


Durie Racing & W.O Stinson & Son Ltd.

Proudly Supporting Durie Racing for the 2016 Season! Durie Racing is an amateur motocross/ endurocross racing team that consists of riders between the ages of 10 and 16. The Durie Racing team is based out of Oxford Mills, Ontario, Canada. The team consists of 4 up and coming racers: Bryson Durie, Ashton Duire, Cameron Durie…


Propane Tank – BBQ Safety

Part of a great summer is getting back to the yard with some quality BBQ fun! Whether its a neighborhood event, garden party or just dinner with the family nothing beats a BBQ on a warm afternoon. Part of grilling your favorite foods means filling, transporting and hooking up your propane tank. W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. is happy to offer information combining two things we are very passionate about; propane & safety.

propane tank

Transporting a Propane Tank:

Keep valves closed and dust caps in place, even when your propane tank is empty.

Always transport cylinders upright and in a secure position:

This may mean using straps to secure the tanks if you have a pick-up truck. If you are driving a car, utilize the seat belts in the back seat to secure your propane tank. It is important to prevent your propane tank from falling, tipping or rolling while being transported. Hint: a 20lb propane tank fits perfectly into a plastic milk crate, making it easier to carry, transport and secure.

Always Handle Your Propane Tank Gently

Propane cylinders are very safe, but whether full or empty it is important to be gentle when putting the tank down or loading it into a vehicle.

Never Leave a Propane Tank in a Vehicle for Extended Lengths of Time

Speaking simply, propane is a very “cold” gas, therefore, propane expands when heated. Leaving a propane tank in a vehicle could cause the gas to heat and expand, creating a potentially dangerous situation. It is always best to store propane tanks in a cool, shady area when it is possible to do so.

Keep Propane Tanks Away from Heat or Flame

Propane is a combustible fuel in both its liquid and gas states. Always keep your tank away from excessive heat or flame. Fuel vapors or “fumes” are also combustible, so take caution when storing and transporting empty or full propane cylinders.

When Using a Propane Tank

  • Place and secure tank on a firm, even base.
  • Keep propane tank in a cool, shady area
  • Never use a propane tank indoors
  • After you have connected the cylinder, check for leaks. Use soapy water or a leak detector.
  • Fully open the cylinder valve so that it operates properly, turn valve off immediately after use

When You Are NOT Using Your Propane Cylinder

  • Close the valve tightly, even when the tank is empty, apply dust cap.
  • Store propane tanks in a manner that protects the valve from being bent or broken
  • Store your propane tanks away from excessive heat or flame.
  • Store your propane tanks outdoors in a well-ventilated area when not in use.
  • Place propane tanks in a secure, upright position away from open flames or excessive heat.

W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. offers services for propane tanks of any size, we offer:

  • Re-filling by the liter, swap & flat rates
  • Re-valving tanks
  • Re-qualifying propane cylinders
  • Disposing of expired tanks.

We also sell, rent and supply propane tanks for any use, from home heating, to industrial work sites.

Propane is an important part of our business and we are happy to share our expertise with you! If you have questions regarding propane safety or any of the other services we offer, please call us!




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Full-Serve Stations: A little Service Goes a Long Way

Full-Serve Stations: Added Service Without Added Cost   Once upon a time there was an age where service standards over-ruled profit margins, where first-name basis was the norm, and a friendly smile along with good service could make your day feel as easy as Sunday morning. Full-serve fuel stations are less and less common these days. It’s a self-service…