VP Racing

VP Racing

When you crave the most power, best performance and must-have fuel consistency, you need VP Racing Fuels. Since 1975, it’s been the primary focus of everything they do. And it’s not just “race gas.” It’s performance fuels of all types—racing gasoline, racing methanol, nitromethane, small engine fuels, hobby fuels, storage fuels—essentially any application requiring custom formulation for specific performance characteristics.

VP Racing’s singular focus is reflected in their obsessive dedication to R&D. Their technological developments have set them apart from every other racing fuel manufacturer – to the tune of nearly 70 blends?

VP Racing spends most of their time working with racers in their shops, on their dynos and with their vehicles at the track. That’s how most of their blends came about—in response to specific customers’ requests for help.

In formulating VP’s Specialty Lubricants, every molecule of every component is selected based on its contribution to maximum performance. As with its fuels, VP achieved this superior performance by working together with racing teams on their dynos and at the track. The same discipline and commitment that lead to the best fuels in motorsports was applied to the development of each of VP’s Specialty Lubricants.

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