W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd. Are HVAC Pros!

W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd. have been in the Home Comfort business since 1937. With 80 years of expert training and experience, we boast having the best service technicians around. Our team of technicians are accurate, efficient, honest and have an eye for detail. W.O. Stinson technicians are safety-minded and understand that your home is your sanctuary. Our HVAC technicians will care for your home in the same manner they would care for their own.


The Stinson “Red Carpet”

The Stinson red carpet is our commitment to you. We train all of our HVAC technicians to roll out the red carpet at every home we visit. Our HVAC technicians understand that they are a guest in your home, this is why we wipe our feet, shake your hand and smile at the door, it is why we keep our work area clean, tidy our tools and take the time to ensure that you are happy with our work. W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd. has spent the last 80 years building a reputation of respectable service, responsible care, integrity and true customer service. Our reputation is our family’s legacy.


In-House Matters!

Other home comfort service providers have removed themselves from installations and repairs, they rely on contracting out their service to a third party. Our refusal to put a third-party between ourselves and our customers is a testament to our business integrity. By keeping our HVAC technicians as “in-house” employees we are able to ensure that:

  • The cost of service remains low for our customers
  • Our service excellence remains uncompromised
  • Our technicians are always working safely, well above required standards
  • The line of communication between our company and our customers remains clear at all times
  • Only the best quality parts, tools and methods are being used
  • We are able to offer 24-hr emergency service to our customers.

Innovation at your Fingertips!

https://wostinson.com makes scheduling your next service call a breeze, our online platform allows you to schedule a service visit from your desktop or mobile device. We have built our business on grass-roots customer service ethics, which means, if you prefer–there is always a W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. representative on-call and ready to receive your call.


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Our online form makes scheduling your HVAC call a breeze!


Become a Client:

By becoming a W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. client, you are ensuring that your home and family are kept comfortable 12 months a year, you are being given peace-of-mind when it comes to repairs, replacements or middle-of-the-cold-night-emergencies. We care for our customers the same way we care for each other and ourselves–with honesty, integrity and a part of our family’s legacy.

Follow the link to become a client!  https://wostinson.com/client-application/