core values soince 1937

W.O Stinson & Son has been in business since 1937.

We have been serving Ottawa and The Valley proudly for the last 78 years.
How much do you think has changed is 78 years?
What do you think Ottawa looked like in the 1930S?

Here is an idea…

Queen and Bank Streets, Ottawa, 1938

Bank St. at Queen St., Ottawa 1938


Here is a little more perspective:

  • in the 1930s colour came to cinema
  • Canada’s Prime Minister in 1937 was Willam Lyon Mackenzie King
  • the first regular “Trans-Canada Air” flights took place in Ottawa and later developed into what is now Air Canada.
  • Canada was flying the Union Jack
  •   telephone numbers consisted of 2 letters and 3 numbers (GP 825 dialed as 47-825)
Commercial Delivery Truck Circa 1937:

grow with us


When we think about how much this city has changed since we opened our doors in 1937 we look onward to the future.

We have had the opportunity to grow with this community and to have this community grow with us. As we move forward and set our sights to the future we remember the humble beginnings of our family business. As W.O Stinson & Son has passed down through generations we have grown stronger, catered to our customers, expanded our products & strengthened our expertise.

Commercial Delivery Truck Circa 2015 (Propane)

Propane delivery truck

We are excited in the growth we have taken as a company and we are grateful for the customers and community whose loyalty has built the foundations of this company. We are proud to be delivering home comfort services to this community for 78 years after our start; we are looking into the future with the all of the momentum of our past.

Though much has changed over the last 78 years, our philosophy of hard work, honest service, friendly customer relations and dependability when you need it most has stayed the same. We still believe in, and stay true to the core values that W.O Stinson & Son was founded upon.

Ottawa, Kempville, Arnprior, Pembroke, Napanee and everywhere in-between, we are proud to be growing alongside your communities.

Grow with us!