W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd. - History

W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd. has been a name synonymous with personal service and quality products for more than 80 years. But residents of Eastern Ontario accustomed to the familiar blue trucks may not realize how much the business has diversified into a one-stop shop for commercial and residential customers.

What you need, when you need it

First, W.O. Stinson does not use contractors. Every individual who represents the company is an employee. Every vehicle and piece of equipment is owned by W.O. Stinson and dispatched from its own office. This degree of control over day-to-day operations provides a level of service that other independents and large national firms that rely heavily on contractors just can’t match.

“We invest a lot of money in the latest technology and back into our fleet to ensure it is clean and reliable,” said Eric Stinson. “This provides our customers with the peace of mind of knowing that what they need will be there when they need it most, regardless of the time of year or the weather.”

We’re hands on

Second, when customers call, a friendly Stinson staff member answers the phone. Even the Stinson brothers take calls direct.

“We are hands on, we put in the hours,” said John Armstrong, General Manager. “Senior management and site managers follow through to ensure customers get the service they expect at all of our locations.”

Local still matters

Third, where national companies and even many independents are closing their local home heating offices, W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd. is expanding. The company has five home comfort offices that are conveniently located with full-service retail fuel stations — in Ottawa on Bank street, Arnprior, Kemptville, Pembroke and Napanee.