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Propane heat is an affordable option for heating your home, with today’s furnace equipment technology reaching up to 98% efficiency. In Canada we have an abundant supply, which means that the price per litre remains stable, and this resource is readily available for your home heating needs.


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      This abundant supply, keeps the prices stable and makes it one of the most affordable fuel options on the market today. In addition to highly efficient furnaces, energy efficient fireplaces can also provide an alternative to help you save on energy costs.

      Some of the natural characteristics of this fuel, along with the regulations applied to the equipment, training and handling of it, make propane one of the safest fuels available. As with all fuels, the key to safety is proper use and handling.

      At W.O. Stinson, we carry a full line of efficient furnaces and fireplaces to choose from. Our knowledgeable experts would be happy to take the time to discuss the many options that we can offer. We’re committed to providing you with the best equipment, to meet your family’s needs. Find today out how propane can provide you with quality, efficient home comfort.