We love getting out in the community! on July 28th, 2016 our full-serve and self-serve station on Bank St. decided to get HOT. W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. teamed up with Hot 89.9 FM, Ottawa’s number one hit music station, for an event later dubbed: The HOT gas station TAKEOVER. The HOT TAKEOVER was a great way to show the community who we are and what we do!

DJ BRADY was on site, recording live on location from our self-serve station at 4726 Bank St. Spinning Ottawa’s favorite hits and getting our customer HOT for our products and services.

DJ Brady Jones LIVE from W.O Stinson & Son Ltd.

DJ Brady Jones LIVE from W.O Stinson & Son Ltd.


To kick off the festivities we dropped our Unleaded and Diesel price down to 89.9, we had several of our dedicated customers waiting at the pumps 5 min. before we kicked off, making sure they were first in line!

We care so much about the communities where we operate and have always had a philosophy surrounding the importance of hiring locally. We had many of our dedicated staff members working hard to make sure everyone who came to visit us left with a smile.

W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. has operated in Ottawa and the Valley since 1937, the community is changing and continues to grow, so it is important to us to make sure we get a chance to meet our new neighbors.


With the price down low, things were getting so HOT that we decided to treat the neighborhood to 1$ Slush Puppies to keep cool! “kids” young and old were showing off their slush puppy-colored tongues while sharing a good laugh. Something tells me this young man is going back for seconds!

Our friends at Ogilvie’s Auto & Fleet Service came by with the Ogilvie Motorsports trailer loaded with their Drag Cars and Racers! These cars always get everyone talking! The only thing more impressive than the cars is the family of racers behind the wheel. Drag racers Ashley Ogilvie, Rachel Ogilvie & Mike Ogilvie were standing by talking about their racing passion and signing autographs.

Mike Ogilvie's Kendall dragster

Mike Ogilvie’s Kendall dragster


We love to show off our own vehicles whenever we can as well, we brought down our favorite Stinson trucks and of course our classic 1949 pick-up truck.

Thinking Propane? Think W.O Stinson!

Thinking Propane? Think W.O Stinson!




We were getting the community excited about our Country Style Drive-Thru at W.O Stinson on Bank St. by giving away FREE eco-cups. These handy and environmentally friendly cups can be re-filled for only $1 at any Country Style location! We hope to see a lot of new faces making us a part of their morning routine and coming through our drive-thru for their $1 fill-up before work!

Only 1$ to re-fill!

Only 1$ to re-fill!


We were thrilled yesterday with all the new friends we made within our community. W.O Stinson & Son is a family business, we are local, our roots are planted in this community and we are growing with it.

To all of our dedicated staff, and customers old and new: thank you for making yesterday’s community event on Bank St. Such a success!
To all of the familiar faces: thank you for being loyal to our family business! And to all the new faces, we hope to see you again soon and make you a part of the W.O Stinson community!


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