Eliminate Costly Downtime with on-site Refuelling

  • Flexible 24/7 and Emergency Fuel Delivery
  • Reduce Costs, Increase Productivity
  • Avoid Costly Downtime
  • Reliable & Flexible Service
  • Powerful Technology & Reporting

When equipment is fuelled and ready for the begining of the work day, there are no interruptions to worry about. There’s no need to move equipment as W.O. Stinson can fuel it wherever it is, even in hard to reach places. See how much time and money your business can save with direct-to-equipment refuelling.

Don’t pay hours of unproductive labour when operators go to get fuel, instead take back your productive time and let us handle your fuelling needs.

We specialize in refuelling heavy equipment and when you call us
we will be at your job site within 24 hours.


1 800 267-9714


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