Interruptions in Distribution and/or Supply

Customers may be required to curtail or discontinue the use of products supplied by W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd. if the
supply of any of these products is jeopardized by any of the following:

  • In the event of actual or threatened shortage of product due to circumstances beyond the control of W.O. Stinson
    & Son Ltd;
  • When curtailment or restriction is ordered by any government or agency having jurisdiction; or
  • For any force majeure event (described below).

W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd. shall not be liable for any loss of production, nor for any damages whatsoever due to such
curtailment or discontinuance.Customers are required to monitor their fuel supply/ consumption changes and advise
W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd. immediately in the event of a missed delivery or if an emergency delivery is required.

Force Majeure

Customers of W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd. shall not have any claim against W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd. for damages sustained as a
result of interruption or cessation of product deliveries caused by force majeure which include:

  • Acts of God, the elements;
  • Labour disputes, strikes, lockouts, shortage of available labour;
  • Fires, accidents;
  • The breakage or repair of pipelines or machinery;
  • Allocations placed on W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd. by an upstream supplier;
  • Depletion or shortage of product supply;
  • Order of any legislative body or duly constituted authority; or
  • Any other cause or contingencies beyond the control of W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd.

Defined Terms:

Customer: means any person, persons, company, or corporation receiving product supplied by W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd.

Force Majeure: means an event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled

Product: means any item offered for sale by W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd.

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