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Furnace trouble? The next time you are having trouble with your furnace, try these simple troubleshooting steps before calling in a technician. For instances when the solution may not be this simple, we have a team of qualified service men on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. is always there to keep your home warm day or night.

Check the Power

As with any piece of equipment, always check the power first. Take a look in your fuse box and check for any tripped circuit breakers that may be disrupting the power to the furnace. If you are running on fuse/amp electricity source, try putting in a fresh fuse.

Check out the Settings

Be certain that your thermostat has been set to “heat” and that the temperature is set higher than the current temperature of the room. If you keep your thermostat on “auto” to regulate energy usage, make sure that your thermostat is set at least 3-5 degrees higher than the current room temperature to ensure that the furnace will come on.

What about the Batteries?

Always ensure you have fresh batteries in your thermostat. Most units will show a flashing low battery symbol, but even in this state it may not be regulating the furnace as effectively as it should. Set up a schedule to change your thermostat batteries so you won’t forget. Change them each time you have a furnace cleaning, check them each time you check the batteries in your smoke detector.

Is the Power switch ON?

Most furnaces are in basements or other tight corners, it is easy to accidentally hit the switch while looking for those old hockey skates, or digging out that photo album. Look for the power switch mounted on the side of the furnace, if the switch it turned to off, turn it back on and wait a minute or two before adjusting the thermostat.

Is the Problem Outside?

Some furnaces vent through the chimney, and some do not. Do you know which type your furnace is? If you know that your furnace vents outside through the side of your home, ensure that the exhaust has not been blocked by insects, leaves or other outdoor debris.

Call the Experts

If you have run through these steps and you still aren’t feeling the heat, it is time to call a licensed technician. Our Service Technicians here at W.O Stinson & Son meet the highest standards of experience and professionalism. What makes W.O Stinson & Son different from our competitors is that all of our Service Technicians are direct employees. WE NEVER USE CONTRACTORS. We don’t believe in putting third-parties between ourselves and our customers. Anyone who is working for us is a direct employee of W.O Stinson & Son and encompasses the service standard we have worked hard to uphold since 1937.

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