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      Oil is a great way to heat your home. It is safe, clean and efficient.¬†When choosing a heating system it’s important to know that oil heating systems heat much faster than both gas and electric systems do. This is because oil burns much hotter than gas, and electric heaters take longer to warm the air. This means that with oil, your home will warm up much quicker. Oil heating systems are much better than they used to be in the past, and the latest technology offers up to 97% efficiency for new furnaces. At W.O. Stinson we offer a complete line of furnaces that are designed using this latest technology.

      By far, the most common type of oil heating system used is the forced-air system with an oil furnace as the heat source. The advantages of a forced air, oil heating system are the ability to provide heat quickly and the fact that they can be used to filter and humidify household air too. A forced-air system can also provide ventilation and the option for central air conditioning too. In addition, the furnace fan can be used year-round to provide continuous air circulation throughout the house, while efficiently distributing heat in colder months.