W.O Stinson & Son ltd. 2015 – 365 Days of Growth

 W.O Stinson & Son ltd. has had the privilege of operating in Ottawa and The Valley for the past 78 years and we continue to grow. We are proud of all of the growth and success we have had since our establishment in 1937. W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. is proud to have maintained consistent core values, customer service standards and community roots since the day we opened our doors. We are also proud to show- off  the tremendous growth we have made and all the hard work we have been doing to ensure W.O Stinson & Son ltd continues to lead the home comfort industry with  innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Our 78th Year Serving Ottawa & The Valley

As we begin our 79th year of business, we would like to take time to review the growth and success we have seen in 2015. Each of our 5 sites have seen success in this past year. We recognize that with every small success we grow stronger as a company, learn more about the needs of our residential and commercial customers, and continue to evolve our service and our products to meet growing demand.

Ottawa: Welcome to W.O Stinson & Son HQ

In 2015 our Ottawa site has seen many updates. Keeping in stride with our flagship head office on Bank St. it seemed only right to keep the updates coming with the rest of our Ottawa site.

Projects in Ottawa include:

  • An expansion and addition to our Ottawa Warehouse
  • A renovation to our convenience store/Country Style
  • The construction of our state of the art propane retail and refill site
  • The construction and development of our storage and waste facilities

The Ottawa Warehouse:

The Ottawa warehouse has grown in size, allowing us to expand our already diverse selection of lubricants, motor oil, skid tanks and specialty fuels. Our Ottawa Warehouse also acts as a hub of equipment and materials for our growing fleet of service men. Expanding our warehouse has allowed us to increase our selection to include new additions to our product line such as VP 100 racing fuel and complete line of ENI motor oil.


Ottawa Propane Site:

Propane is a growing industry and W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. continues to grow with it. In 2015 we began a large project at our Ottawa site to update our propane filling center. We installed a state of the art, underground bulk tank to supply our RV Filling system, by litre cylinder scale and bulk filling environment. W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. continues to lead the way in the propane energy sector. From heating your home, to grilling your next meal, W.O Stinson & Son has competitive pricing and state of the art equipment. Our by litre propane system at our Ottawa site, ensures that customers only pay for exactly what Is going in their cylinder. This means, our customers don’t have to wait until their tank is empty to get the best value for their propane needs.


ottawa propane


Pembroke Garage:

You may have noticed, driving through Pembroke, that we have built a new garage. Building a new garage allows us to expand our variety of products, dispatch technicians faster and store parts, so our customers don’t have to wait for parts to come on order from Ottawa. We are very excited about growing with the Pembroke community and continuing to keep the Ottawa Valley warm during the tough winter months.

pembroke garage

Pembroke Propane Plant:

Continuing our growth in Pembroke, W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. has constructed a propane plant in Pembroke, allowing us to get to our customers more quickly and efficiently. Continuing to grow with the community ensures we are always ready to meet the needs of the Ottawa Valley.

pembroke propane


Growing With YOU!

In 2015 W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. has placed significant focus on growth. We have been growing in the community for 78 years and have been very successful in maintaining our core values through all of the changes. Though we remain on the cutting edge of home heating solutions and technology, we continue to offer exceptional service, quality products, quality parts and most importantly a quality team of professionals, available around the clock.