W.O. Stinson supports Chris Brent: one of Canada’s leading amateur

motorcycle racers.

W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. is proud to support local sport bike racer Chris Brent. Chris is dedicated to his passion and is making us all very proud. We hope to see great things from Chris this season.

No matter what kind of racing gets your pulse pounding or draws your interest there is always a time when a winner must be chosen. There is only more racing weekend left in the 2016 season for the Canadian Superbike Association‘s (CSBK) National motorcycle racing competitions. Ottawa’s Chris Brent (bike # 680) is currently in 1st place for the National Shoei Helmets Amateur Sport bike title and in 2nd place for the National Magneti Marelli Amateur Superbike class.


Chris Brent racing at Atlantic Motorsport Park in Nova Scotia July, 2016

This 38-year-old racer started on a street bike when he was in his 20’s. He left riding for a decade and returned to motorcycles four years ago, taking his need for speed to the track.


As his skills improved so have his placings on the podium. This year he has a first place finish, two second place tallies and has finished third, three times. In qualifying for races he has captured the pole position three times as he registers the fastest lap times. At some races this year the number of competitors in his classes hit nearly 30 riders.


This year has been a huge improvement over last year when Chris finished in sixth place in the National Sport bike category. The national race season runs from May to mid-August. Chris has travelled to tracks including Shannonville Motorsports Park and Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in Ontario as well as the Autodrome in St. Eustache, Quebec and the Atlantic Motorsport Park in Nova Scotia.


                                                  Chris Brent performs a “stoppie “ to celebrate a victory at Shannonville track in 2015


A Bit About the Bikes

Sport bike machines all run with  600 cc engines on the stripped down and heavily modified machines so the competition is especially intense with the rider making the difference. In the Superbike class the engine size can be up to 1000 cc so Chris has to apply his skills at cornering to keep up with the larger bikes. They can pull away on straightaways but the heavier 1000 cc bikes are slower in the turns.


What Does Chris Have to Say?

It is the competition not just the speed that draws Chis to the track, “ I really enjoy the challenge of racing on a couple of levels. Yes, I have to compete against other riders but I also challenge myself to do better every time I turn a lap whether it is in practice or in the race. Add in the timing and you are also racing the clock every time. The key is to be consistent to perform each lap to the best of your ability… and of course keep the rubber on the road.” says Chris.


Fueling The Excitement!

W.O.Stinson & Son Ltd. joined Chris’ race campaign three years ago and supplies VP Race Fuel to power his Honda CBR600RR 600 cc race bike. VP Race Fuel delivers an octane rating up to 110 which means more power to the race tire. For comparison, regular fuel for cars has an octane rating of 87.  With regular fuel Chris’ bike has 115 horsepower, with VP Race Fuel it tests at 119 horsepower. The Honda motorcycle hits 270 KPH on the straightaways at 16,500 RPM. Chris puts the bike into a sharp lean on corners as he fights to gain the fractions of a second that can determine race results,

” I can feel the improvement in bike performance when I run VP Race Fuel. There are some key elements if you are going to be be a consistent and competitive racer including fuel, tires, quality suspension and a great support team,” says Chris. One of his races on the weekend of July 16 at Atlantic Park Racetrack was decided by 25-thousands of a second… so every ounce of power is crucial.


” I can feel the improvement in bike performance when I run VP Race Fuel.” – Chris Brent


Hometown Proud: Chris Brent & Direct Bore

The primary sponsor for Chris and his race team of family and friends is Direct Bore Inc. of Greely, ON owned by Nick Medeiros. Chris works at Direct Bore as a project estimator for the horizontal drilling firm. “Sponsorship is key to putting a bike on the track. You put a lot of your own resources into any kind of racing but sponsors and their confidence in what you do and what they provide is what really helps to keep you on the track.”  Chris’ sponsors include, W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd.; 613 Motorsports Inc.; Hindle Exhaust Systems: Liqui Moly Canada; Forsaken Motorsports; Dunlop Motorcycle Tires; Wolseley Waterworks Group and Ottawa Sport Plus.


direct bore

Speeding to the Podium


The last weekend of the CSBK race series will be in August at the Canadian Tire Motor Sports Park, northeast of Toronto, formerly known as Mosport. The competition will be held at what is by far the longest and fastest track the riders will face this year. Speeds will top 270 KPH. Family and friends will join Chris to provide moral support and assistance in the pits and paddock as Chris reaches for his first national title.

This last weekend is a double-header weekend meaning that there will be two sets of races in each class so there are a lot of points at stake in the race for the overall winner. Decision time is almost here. Once again Chris Brent plans to be on top of the podium. We will update this post after the final race weekend.

To contact Chis Brent to wish him luck, email him cbrent@directbore.com


For more information about VP Racing Fuels please call W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. at 1-800-267-9714.

W.O Stinson & Son Ltd. is proud to be involved in community events, local sports & racing. If you’re all things that REV check out our Facebook Page for upcoming events!


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